STEALTH audio cables
STEALTH Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony



STEALTH cables purchased directly from STEALTH Authorized Dealers can be upgraded to newer or more advanced STEALTH cables at any time (assuming that the original cables are retuned in good working and cosmetic condition). Our dealers are advised to offer up to 100% of the actual purchase price of the original STEALTH cables as a credit towards the new purchase (upgrade).

Please note that a charge of configuration or length is NOT an upgrade, and while it's possible, the terms are usually not as favorable as upgrades. 

STEALTH cables obtained from other sources can also be upgraded to newer or more advanced STEALTH cables, but since we take no responsibility for third party sales or trades of STEALTH cables, the cost of the upgrade in this case (i.e. the amount of credit) is determined in each individual case.

Most of our dealers are willing to accept major cable brands as a trade in towards a STEALTH cables purchase. Please contact your local STEALTH dealer for details. If you need help locating a dealer near you, or there is a problem, please e-mail us at