STEALTH audio cables
STEALTH Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony


Advancing the "State of the Art" in high-end audio cabling is our focus at STEALTH Audio Cables.  This goal is achieved through perfecting all design elements: the use of highly complex non-resonant and impedance-matching, multilayer and multicore cable geometries in conjunction with the most advanced conductive media available: carbon-fiber based conductive composites, high purity silver and pure solid gold wire, single crystal metal alloys, and the most exotic of all:  amorphous metal alloys.  Our top cables use Helium gas as a dielectric, and are terminated with cost-no-object custom proprietary connectors utilizing solid silver contacts, Kevlar composite inserts for strength, ultra-modified PTFE bodies, enclosed in carbon fiber shells, reinforced with machined aircraft Titanium. 

STEALTH Audio Cables are individually crafted by hand because our cables, due to their complexity, simply cannot be produced by a machine, in a bulk form.

All our products are bench tested and sonically evaluated to assure uncompromised performance and quality supported by our LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects.

We cordially invite you to experience the STEALTH difference yourself - see the obvious aesthetic beauty and build quality that are second to none, then experience the sonic standard resulting from superior design, materials and attention to detail.  We are confident it will be memorable.