STEALTH audio cables

Beta testing

Beta testing allows us to collect subjective opinions about new designs and verify our own impressions of the sonic qualities of a new cable model. Usually several samples of a new cable model are made and offered for “beta testing” to people with very good systems (and ears). It's one thing if we (Stealth) like a new cable in our main system and in one or two of our (smaller) secondary systems, and it's a completely different thing if a number of people with different systems and tastes hear the same (or similar) things as we do.

Unlike software companies, we cannot make the product “expire” when the testing is over, and we cannot afford the luxury to provide beta cables to the testers for free.  We do change a deposit for beta cables, the deposit amount is a bare minimum to cover our cost to design and make beta cables. The beta testers are welcome to keep the cables after testing (and we do not return the deposit) – or return them to us (in this case we do refund the deposit in full). The beta-testers are required to submit detailed written opinions (mini-reviews) about the sound.  These opinions allow us  to determine whether a new cable model works well in different systems or not, and decide whether to put this new model into production - or redesign the cables - or forgo a particular design completely.

Getting the cables, listening to them briefly and sending them back in a day or two is NOT a way to do a cable evaluation. The cable differences are often subtle, and cables need to settle in a system to sound the way they should. Yes, sometimes the difference is clear right out of the box, and it becomes even greater as the cables break in. But this is true in less than 50% of all cases. Sometimes a new cable might sound somewhat disappointing at the beginning, and it's important not to draw immediate conclusions. It is usually wise to "live" with a component (or a set of fine cables) for some time and develop personal relationships with it; and in addition, because of the break-in, it's not recommended to do any critical listening sooner than two weeks after installing the cables in a system. Of course you are welcome to listen during this time - but try to delay finalizing your impression until the appropriate time - because it might be, and often is, quite different from what you hear at the beginning.

If you'd like to be a beta tester for the new cable, please let us know, and we'll make the appropriate arrangements for you. It's also helpful if you are currently using a very good cable from another company - or have access to several high quality (from a friend or a friendly high-end dealer). The goal of the beta testing is to evaluate our new cable as objectively as possible, and comparing it to other cables - preferably the best cables on the market - makes the testing results better supported and valid. 

Statistically valid results

We do have a reference system, and we do listen to our cables, but we never put our personal opinion over the opinion of the majority of other listeners. When we recommend cables for particular components or cables to improve certain performance areas, we base our recommendations on the feedback we accumulate from audiophiles that use our cables. We carefully listen to what our customers say (and hear in their systems). When different audiophiles, with different systems and setups, mention a certain cable characteristic over and over again - then this characteristic gains a “statistically valid” status with us and becomes a recommendation which we pass  to our customers. Collecting and analyzing opinions allows us to recommend particular cables for particular systems with greater accuracy and reliably “predict” the sonic changes.  Please do not hesitate contacting us to let us know your opinion about our cables!

How to become a beta tester

For a true audiophile, it's simple: a good system (and preferably a good, acoustically treated room), access to good cables (to compare to our beta cables), ability to listen critically, analyze the listening experience and white about it - this is practically all what's needed to become a beta tester. Please contact your local STEALTH dealer for details or e-mail us at and we will help you to find a dealer in your area.




The new STEALTH cables currently available for beta testing are shown below.

Please e-mail us if you want to participate, and stay tuned for more info!

DREAM BASS (entering beta testing soon)