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The Helios story is quite simple: it's designed and made the same as the Sakra V12 - same geometry and key featues, including Helium gas dielectric, but in a phono cable form.

The proprietary STEALTH custom miniDin, on a highly flexible cable end, is designed to fit any tonearm or turntable counterpart, with any Key position or orientation. This cable end can be bent at a very sharp 90-degree angle without any risk of damage - because it's designed specifically for that purpose.


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  •  Amorphous conductive media (wire) - which is perfectly homogeneous, grain-less – i.e. identical in all directions, since it has no crystal structure at all;

  •  Ultra thin wire: Very thin wire is important for:

    ˇ  minimizing skin effect (no harshness in the upper midrange and treble);

    ˇ  minimizing time-domain errors (necessary for the clean, well defined bass, and perfect imaging);

    ˇ  in realistic cable dimensions, allows the use of the STEALTH proprietary distributed LITZ geometry**:

  •  Proprietary non-resonant cable geometry: STEALTH vari-cross distributed LITZ**:

    ˇ  Individually insulated strands (to eliminate direct electrical contact, i.e. galvanic interaction between strands – otherwise the multiple bare strands behave like a single thicker wire)

    ˇ  Non-inductive bifilar winding  -  the advantage of the STEALTH multicore geometry.

    ˇ  Electrical resonance control:  the advantage of the STEALTH distributed LITZ geometry.

    ˇ  Mechanical resonance control: dielectric and jacketing mechanical properties: optimized density and damping. Too much damping usually sterilizes and deadens the sound, while too little damping is even worse because of excessive “ringing” (unwanted uncontrolled resonances). 


  • Characteristic impedance control: optimized relationships among capacitance, inductance and DC resistance: the Helios characteristic impedance and its resonant behavior (“Q” at RF frequencies) are different from any machine-made cable. 

  •  Ultra low energy storage dielectric: STEALTH para-vacuum*** (Helium gas) + porous - i.e. foam-like Teflon. The Helium dielectric, combined with the multicore geometry, are the MAIN technical advantages of the Śakra, compare to the Indra. Porous Teflon has the lowest dielectric constant of all solid and semi-solid materials. Low dielectric constant = low energy storage = low distortion = fast sound. Helium gas dielectric properties is much better than even porous Teflon, better than air, and better than realistic (commercial) vacuum.

  • Proprietary STEALTH connectors: custom and highly advanced; very low overall mass, solid silver contacts, machined ultra-modified PTFE (TeflonŽ) dielectric, Kevlar composite frame, Carbon Fiber/Titanium shells.

  •  Advanced termination technique (high pressure crimping = cold weld) – a direct contact = seamless transition between the wire and the contact – no intermediate agent (solder) involved;  

** STEALTH Distributed LITZ geometry: while similar to the bifilar winding, it’s not exactly that: the cable is multi-layered; wires are individually insulated and gently spiraled to run in opposite directions in layers which are next to each other; the spiral diameter and the pitch is different for each layer, i.e. for each individual wire. Thus, the wires inside a cable are separated by the far greater distance compare to their diameter, no wires run in parallel to each other, and no regular pattern is repeated throughout the cable. The distributed LITZ geometry offers significant reduction of electromagnetic interaction between strands of wire;  both capacitive and inductive coupling are greatly reduced. The electrical resonances in distributed LITZ are considerably less pronounced than in any conventional geometry. This dramatically reduces RF resonance-related intermodulation distortion (one of the main distortion types in cables). The Sakra’s multicore Distributed LITZ offers yet improved performance versus the Indra’s single-core Distributed LITZ.

*** STEALTH para-vacuum tube is a hermetically sealed flexible tube filled with Helium. This gas is approximately 15 times lighter than air, and therefore its energy storage properties are extremely good: about equal to that of a 15-fold vacuum. The dielectric properties of Helium are actually better than any realistic vacuum: Helium is inert and has no ozone or other ionized molecules, and therefore there is absolutely no electrical leakage of any kind inside these Helium filled tubes. Being surrounded by the inert Helium, the wires will never oxidize or deteriorate. Any “vacuum” cable would inevitably lose vacuum with time and thus would need periodical servicing to maintain its performance. This is NOT the case with the Sakra: the Helium pressure inside the tubes is exactly the same as the atmospheric air pressure, and thus there is nothing to force our Helium to leak out of the tubes it’s in. The tubes filled with Helium do not have to be rigid, they are flexible, which makes the Sakra cables robust, user-friendly, easy to install and live with.






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The suggested retail price is for a 1.2 meters or shorter Helios cable  is $9,800, $11,200 for a 1.5 meters cable, and $12,000 for a 2 meters cable.

Due to the high customization required for each individual quality phono setup, the Helios cables are made to order (2 to 3 weeks average lead time).