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Dream Royale Loudspeaker cables



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The "Dream Royale" are our best-to-date loudspeaker cables.  The size (overall diameter) of the Dream Royale is much greater than the Dream V10  - which is shown on the picture for comparison...



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Suggested retail price for the Dream Royale is $28,500 for a 2 meter pair, and $22,000 for each consecutive meter.

 (1.5 and shorter pair of Dream Royale speaker cables is $22,000)

Bi-Wiring adds $2,500 regardless of the cable length;



     * STEALTH para-vacuum tube is a hermetically sealed flexible tube filled with Helium; fist, Helium is approximately 15 times lighter than air, and therefore its energy storage properties are extremely good: about equal to that of a 15-fold vacuum; the dielectric properties of such environment are even better: Helium is inert and has no ozone or other ionized molecules, and therefore there are absolutely no leaks of any kind - and this is better than any realistic vacuum. In addition, being surrounded by Helium, the wires will never oxidize or deteriorate. And the last - but not least, sine - unlike any vacuum - the Helium pressure is exactly the same as the atmospheric air pressure, there is nothing to force our Helium to leak, plus the tubes remain flexible, and the Dream cables are user-friendly - unlike all other "vacuum" cables (which are very stiff and inevitably lose vacuum with time - i.e. unlike the Dream, need periodical service to maintain the performance).
   ** In other words, internal bi-wiring with Dream cables offers practically the same performance as true bi-wiring (but obviously true bi-wiring offer double the effective (combined) gauge;